Why is the paint patchy – darker or lighter – in some places?

What is it?

Patchiness is when the paint does not present a uniform colour and smooth appearance. The thickness and intensity of the film varies in different portions of the wall.

What are the possible causes?

  • Not enough paint applied or the paint is applied unevenly, causing inconsistency in the film build and appearance.
  • The top coat is applied over spot-puttied surfaces.
  • Painting over a highly alkaline surface, which is usually evident in new walls.
  • Putty is not fully dry.
  • Putty is applied too thickly.

How can I fix this problem?

  • Use more paint and apply it to smaller sections.
  • Allow new walls to cure for thoroughly.
  • For already painted surfaces, scrape off old paint and prepare surface correctly.
  • Fill cracks in plaster with cement sand mixture If you’re applying spot putty, follow it up with a coat of primer.
  • Apply thin coats of putty.