I just painted my walls. Why are some areas and corners darker?

What is it?

Picture framing is when the paint finish appears uneven and certain areas such as corners appear darker, accidentally forming a frame like border.

What are the possible causes?

  • If a surface is painted with a roller, and its edges are filled in with a brush, it could create a darker, frame-like outer border as roller and brush have different spread rates.
  • Spraying in one area can also create a darker appearance in that section, than neighbouring areas that are brushed or rolled.
  • Poor application techniques.
  • Adding colourant to non-tintable paint or using the wrong type of colourant.

How can I fix this problem?

  • Choose a paint that offers you similar spread rates for brush and roller.
  • Instead of painting from top to bottom, work in smaller sections which will offer you a ‘wet edge’ to work with.
  • Use the right combination of colourant and base when you work with tinted paints.
  • Shake paints well before use.