Why does the roller leave dots and uneven patterns on my wall after painting?

What is it?

These are stipple marks unintentionally caused by the roller, mainly because of wrong painting techniques and poor equipment.

What are the possible causes?

  • Bad rolling techniques.
  • Using lower grades of paint.
  • Using a cheap roller.
  • Using the wrong roller cover.

How can I fix this problem?

  • Use the right painting techniques. Begin rolling at a corner near the ceiling and work downwards in sections of three square feet.
  • Spread the paint in zig zag M or W patterns beginning with an upward stroke to reduce spatter. Without lifting roller from the surface, fill in the gaps with parallel strokes.
  • Use a high quality paint as it is likely have better levelling properties and roll on more evenly.
  • Use a good quality roller as this will ensure better thickness and uniformity of the finish.
  • Use the right roller cover. Make sure the nap is not too long.
  • Roller covers must be dampened and excess water removed before painting.
  • Make sure the paint does not accumulate at the ends of the roller.